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Time | 2017-09-08

The advantages of the application of carbon fiber composite materials in uav shell are highlighted

Since the advent of uav, reducing weight has become the focus of the research work of uav.
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Time | 2015-10-12

Application of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials in High-tech Field

Due to its unique and outstanding performance, carbon fiber composite materials are widely used in aviation pilots, especially aircraft manufacturing.
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Time | 2014-05-25

Brief introduction of carbon fiber

With the increasing demand for carbon fiber in China in recent years
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Time | 2010-03-27

Analysis of carbon fiber products processing plant for the specific consideration of the car

With the participation of carbon fiber composite materials and the increase in the proportion
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Time | 2009-04-25

Is carbon fiber a composite material

Carbon fiber is a composite material.
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Time | 2007-01-25

What are the raw materials for producing carbon fiber? Perhaps the process is what?

Raw materials for carbon fiber production
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Time | 2006-06-28

What are the factors affecting the price of carbon fiber products?

Carbon fiber products are one of the major products in specialty fibers. Unlike conventional fiber
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Time | 2005-01-19

How to make carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material. It is a new type of material with greater strength than steel
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Time | 2004-07-28

Carbon fiber is 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K What does it mean?

This is the specification of the carbon fiber and refers to the number of monofilaments in the carbon fiber tow
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Time | 2002-12-21

Why are carbon fiber composites so expensive?

Carbon fiber composite material is an advanced composite material with superior performance.
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Time | 2002-09-01

Where is carbon fiber stronger than glass fiber?

Carbon fibers and glass fibers are the two types of reinforcing fibers most commonly used in the family of composites
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Time | 2001-11-25

Processing of carbon fiber shaped parts

There are a lot of product components made of carbon fiber.
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Time | 2001-07-11

The effect of molding temperature on carbon fiber products

Carbon fiber molding temperature is refers to the carbon fiber material in molding, according to the technological requirements need to mold temperature
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