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2001-11-25 08:00:00

Processing of carbon fiber shaped parts

There are a lot of product components made of carbon fiber.

There are a lot of product components made of carbon fiber. Most of the components are not standard plate and pipe products. There is a demand for such curvature and styling in the application scenarios. The carbon fiber composite material has good plasticity, and the resin is in the mold. Flow can realize a variety of complex shapes, and such shaped parts are in great demand in the current customized field.

For complex shaped parts products, if you want to use carbon fiber, you need to design a good three-dimensional drawings in advance, make special processing molds according to the drawings, and then you can make a series of processes such as carbon fiber prepreg laying and curing after the mold is made. Finally, the finished carbon fiber shaped parts are produced. For high-precision shaped parts, more calculations and experiments are required in the early stage, and the optimal design scheme and processing methods are sorted out to produce composite carbon fiber shaped products. The design, raw material selection, mold quality, and construction quality during the period are required. Control and other aspects need to be strictly implemented, and the negligence of any link will affect the final quality of the product.

For flat-type components, carbon fiber boards can be directly used for NC machining, which is relatively simple. Carbon fiber shaped parts need to consider the installation and connection problems with other material components in practical applications. In the design, it is best to use one-piece design structure and try to optimize the structure. Due to the poor toughness of the carbon fiber composite material and the non-resistance to the mechanical friction at the joint joint, it is usually necessary to use metal connectors to achieve the joint structure between the components.

The improvement of the performance of carbon fiber components is very obvious. At present, a large number of carbon fiber shaped parts are required in the drones, auto parts, robots and other industries.


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