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2002-09-01 08:00:00

Where is carbon fiber stronger than glass fiber?

Carbon fibers and glass fibers are the two types of reinforcing fibers most commonly used in the family of composites

Carbon fibers and glass fibers are the two types of reinforcing fibers most commonly used in the family of composites, and because they have similar applications and roles, they are often compared. Most people know that carbon fiber has better performance than glass fiber.

Carbon fiber and glass fiber contrast

Although both carbon fiber and glass fiber have high tensile strength as reinforcing materials, in comparison of this performance, carbon fiber is much higher than glass fiber, and only some high-strength glass fiber can match the strength of conventional carbon fiber but the cost is high. A lot higher.

In terms of weight, the carbon fiber is about 65% of the weight of the glass fiber. The advantage is obvious (some types of carbon fiber are similar to the glass fiber but still lower than glass fiber).

In the aspect of temperature resistance, carbon fiber has a great advantage over glass fiber, and the glass fiber is easy to burn. After more than 300C, the performance will be greatly reduced, while carbon fiber can maintain stable performance in a high temperature environment of 1000 degrees, so the use of composite materials in high temperature environment Carbon fiber is much better.

In the choice of composite matrix, the available space for carbon fiber is much better than glass fiber. Carbon fiber can be used in combination with metals, ceramics, resins, and many other types of materials, but glass fiber is only used in combination with resin materials, and because of the difference in strain amount of composite materials produced, the load carrying capacity of carbon fiber composite materials is also far greater than that of fiberglass. .

In addition, the carbon fiber has a conductive property can be used to produce conductive and heat-generating materials, glass fiber insulation. The excellent X-ray transmission of carbon fiber can be used on medical examinations. Carbon fiber also has a great advantage in material wear resistance


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