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2010-03-27 08:00:00

Analysis of carbon fiber products processing plant for the specific consideration of the car

With the participation of carbon fiber composite materials and the increase in the proportion

With the participation of carbon fiber composite materials and the increase in the proportion, certain changes will occur. For example, stamping will be replaced by molding and forging processes in composite material molding; the entire vehicle will no longer require as much welding in the future, except that the thermoplastic compound data will be welded by ultrasonic waves, and the welding will be glued and riveted. This process is replaced; due to the lack of corrosion resistance of composite materials, there are fundamentally no need for painting on some models, and even if the coating is applied, the coating temperature will not be very low, like some injection-molded parts. As long as the temperature is 85 degrees, the composite data molding and complete vehicle modularization will greatly increase the length of the assembly line. With only a few dozen modules, the assembly cycle of the vehicle will become very fast. This will result in a substantial drop in the capital cost of the assembly line. Therefore, industry insiders said that the large-scale use of new information on carbon fiber composites will reduce the entry barrier for the entire car manufacturer. Because these changes in the process not only reset the elements of the car manufacturing equipment, but also from the basic deconstruction of the calculation of traditional car consumption costs.

The use of carbon fiber data can effectively reduce the weight of the car itself. This is an indisputable fact in the automotive industry. Using carbon fiber data to reduce weight, it can significantly increase fuel consumption and reduce purification, which is also confirmed by relevant experimental data. However, how much carbon fiber data is used in automobiles and where is the use of cost-effectiveness higher? How much influence will be formed in the overall cost of car manufacturing, carbon fiber processing plants believe that this demand is a more objective and detailed consideration.

Carbon fiber products processing plant

Is using carbon fiber just to make the car lighter?

Carbon fiber is usually used in combination with epoxy resin decomposition composite materials. This composite material inherits a series of advantages such as strong specific strength, specific modulus, fatigue resistance, and shock resistance of carbon fiber itself, and inherits epoxy resin. The formula design is sensitive and diverse, and the use of targeted features. Compared with aluminum alloy components, the weight loss of carbon fiber composite materials can reach 20% to 40%. Compared with steel metal components, the weight reduction effect of carbon fiber composite materials can reach 60% to 80%. However, the use of carbon fiber composite data not only aggravated the weight of the vehicle, but also brought deeper impact and changes to the car manufacturing process.


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