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2014-05-25 08:00:00

Brief introduction of carbon fiber

With the increasing demand for carbon fiber in China in recent years

With the increasing demand for carbon fiber in China in recent years, carbon fiber has been listed as a new product supported by the national chemical fiber work point, and has become a hot topic for the development of domestic new materials. According to incomplete statistics, there are 11 carbon fiber production enterprises currently under construction or under construction. It is estimated that the production capacity will be 7100 tons/year for raw silk and 1560 tons/year for carbon fiber. There are 4 companies under construction during this period, and it is estimated that production capacity can be used as raw silk. 1100 tons/year, carbon fiber 470 tons/year.

Although the production of carbon fiber in our country has been slow, the consumption has been gradually increasing and the demand for shopping malls is very strong. The primary uses include sports equipment, general industry, aerospace, etc., where the use of sports and leisure products is the largest, accounting for about 80% to 90% of the consumption. The demand for carbon fiber in China has exceeded 3,000 tons/year, and it will break 5,000 tons/year in 2010. The primary fields of use are: the oldest malls are equipped with aerospace and defense (aircraft, rockets, missiles, satellites, radars, etc.) and sports and leisure products (golf clubs, fishing tackles, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, arrows, bicycles, rowing boats) Etc.) New shopping malls include reinforced plastics, pressure vessels, building reinforcement, wind power generation, conflict materials, drilling methods, etc.; shopping malls to be developed include cars, medical equipment, and new energy sources.

The development of China's carbon fiber composite materials was initially in the mid-1970s. Through nearly 40 years of development, it has made considerable progress and has been widely used in aerospace-dominated products (bombs, arrows, stars, ships). In recent years, the demand for carbon fiber in the fields of sports and leisure products and pressure vessels in China has rapidly increased. The rapid development of aerospace technology is in urgent need of high-performance carbon fiber and composite materials. The demand for shopping malls has become increasingly strong.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for carbon fiber in domestic shopping malls, the localization and scale of China's carbon fiber industry should be completed quickly. To this end, it is necessary to accelerate technological innovation and grasp the central technology; accelerate the development of raw silk technology, develop high-purity precursors; strengthen the use of research and shopping mall development, and further expand the use of the field. Carbon fiber has a promising future in China, but we should summarize the lessons learned from the development of terylene and other chemical fibers to avoid blindly unfolding and healthy endings.

For the production of large aircrafts and the development of the aerospace industry, it is necessary for China to quickly complete the industrialization of high-strength model carbon fibers. However, because high-performance carbon fiber is an indispensable material for developing top-level technologies such as aerospace, it has long been blocked by the United States-led Paris Coordinating Committee. Although Batumi was dissolved in March 1994, the shadow of the embargo still persists. Even if the embargo is lifted on our country, it will only be a general-purpose carbon fiber and will not sell us high-performance carbon fiber technology and equipment. Therefore, it is necessary for us to develop high-performance carbon fiber. In the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" development plan of China's chemical fiber industry, "the shift from increasing quantity to vigorously developing high-tech fiber" has been proposed, and in particular, high-tech fiber materials related to national industrial safety have been given top priority.�

Carbon fiber is listed as the first place, and it is the country's urgent need to break down the category of high-tech fibers in the short term. It has invented the conditions for the development of carbon fiber in China. We must seize this opportunity to make our own intellectual property carbon fiber by self-reliance and endeavor to make a difference. To meet the increasing demand of shopping malls. The national 863 Program and related ministries and commissions are all concerned about the development of the carbon fiber industry in China and their industrialization. They also give strong support and many material experts have done a lot of work in a down-to-earth manner. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China again launched the relevant "973 Plan." Reliance on the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" will be the golden age of the industrialization of China's carbon fiber industry.


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